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We are a leading Medical Transcription Company in Pakistan. We are in the Medical Transcription Business for the last 10 years. We are providing Medical Transcription Services to Many of the leading Hospitals in the US.

Ours is a leading company also engaged in providing Online medical transcription Training to Individuals throughout the world. We have been providing home based medical transcription jobs to many individuals world wide.

In simple words, medical transcription is just “typing what the doctor/nurse says.” Basically it is a typist’s job. The treatment given for a patient at each point needs to be recorded for various processes including insurance claims in the US. The one who types these medical records is called a transcriber or a transcriptionist and the act of doing that, transcription.

In those earlier days, transcriptionists used to type with a typing machine by listening to audio tapes dictated by the doctors. Times have changed and technology too. Medical transcription has now become an IT enabled service (ITES). Now transcriptionists type with the aid of computer word processors
and voice players; there by almost everything in this process confined to computers and internet.

The terminologies involved and the accent of different persons makes it a bit difficult job.

It was in the mid/latter part of the nineties that medical transcription started creeping into Asian countries, creating incredible job opportunity; thanks the advantage and proliferation of internet.

Initially, companies were working with US clients and their medical records, converting them from audio to text. Now clientele of companies have extended to UK, Australia, Canada etc.

Apart from medical transcription, there is business transcription where conferences, discussions, meetings etc., too are transcribed depending upon the requirements of various clients.

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It has been really awesome since a lot of schools and universities and even other online providers made accredited and approved medical transcription courses online. People can now finish the course and get the education and training they need at the comfort of their homes.

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