Monday, June 29, 2009

Outsourcing Medical Transcription to Pakistan

Medical transcription services are an essential part of healthcare services in developed countries where patient treatment and associated insurance coverage are closely connected. Quality medical transcription (MT) services are in high demand since accurate and detailed medical records of patients are critical for both effective diagnosis and speedy processing of patient insurance claims. Pakistan, having undergone a tremendous change in IT related services, is now a popular destination for healthcare providers to outsource their mission critical jobs at affordable rates. The costs for setting up infrastructure and giving payments for transcription professionals are high in developed nations and hence healthcare providers are compelled to choose alternate options such as outsourcing to emerging economical powers such as Pakistan where cost-effective MT services are available.

As a developing country with a vast pool of graduates who are well-versed in the English language, Pakistan is becoming a hub for outsourcing medical transcription jobs. The availability of high speed internet services with backup facilities and the 24-hour operations being provided at MT firms in Pakistan are all positive factors which persuade western firms to outsource their jobs to Pakistan. The time zone difference also helps Pakistan firms to return all processed jobs within the stipulated time limit of 24 hours. Medical transcription service providers in Pakistan offer their services in accordance with the HIPAA regulations enacted by the US congress in 1996.

To maintain the strictest quality in important patient records, almost all transcription providers here give intensive initial job training for their employees with the help of doctors and language experts. Most of these firms also ensure that the accuracy levels in transcription jobs are closed to 98-99%. To maintain such high accuracy levels, most transcription service providers are utilizing the services of experienced proofreaders and editors who can double check records for all types of errors.

Now with the increasing requirements of clients, all Pakistan based medical transcription service providers are constantly updating their services and employee strength. Most of these firms are offering their MT jobs for new as well as established names in healthcare services and their ever increasing clientele include hospitals, individual practitioners, outpatient clinics, acute care facilities, and long term care facilities, to name a few.

For uninterrupted services, all reputable medical transcription service providers have sufficient technical staffs. Combining the potential of qualified medical transcription professionals, proofreaders, editors and technical staffs, MT providers in Pakistan are able to satisfy all the requirements of healthcare providers for quality, affordable and fast transcription services. The ultimate benefits to medical care facilities are the huge savings in infrastructure and time which can be utilized for other creative purposes such as improving the existing facilities of healthcare firms.

Kazim Group of Technologies (KGT), a Managed Outsource Solutions company, is a medical transcription company and a medical billing services company. KGT delivers medical transcription outsourcing services to a wide range of healthcare facilities nationwide.


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